Blackpool coastal protection scheme

BPH Equipment supplied cranes to support Blackpool’s coastal protection scheme.


Kobelco CKE 1800 used


Kobelco CKE 1350 used


Kobelco CKE 1200 used


Hitachi CX550 used

BPH Equipment provided a new Kobelco CKE 1800 (180t capacity) crawler crane to the Blackpool coastal protection scheme project which was delivered directly to the Blackpool site from the factory in Japan. The crane was the first of its type delivered in the UK and was selected by the project team to handle the placing of the precast concrete units which were to form the main sea defences.

A number of other BPH Equipment cranes also worked alongside the CKE 1800 during the project including a Kobelco CKE 1350 (135t), a Kobelco CKE 1200 (120t) and the Hitachi CX550 (55t) used extensively during the piling works.

Kobelco CKE 1800 and CKE 1350 cranes from the BPH Equipment fleet were also used to perform similar duties on Balfour Beatty‘s coastal defence project at Redcar in Yorkshire.

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