We are focused on setting the industry standard for sustainability, meeting all our responsibilities.

We believe our commitment to the right types of sustainability initiatives will help us access new markets in the low-carbon and resource-efficient economy of the future, and will drive business growth.


Our modern fleet of cranes incorporates the latest engine emission technology with direct fuel injection and turbocharger complying with NRMM (Europe) Stage IIIA and US EPA Tier IIIA, Tier IIIB and Tier 4/F.


All the fuel we use complies with the new European Directives FAME-free low sulphur gas oil (10ppm).

Waste oil

The use of long drain engine oils and filters combined with extended maintenance schedules ensures that the periods between servicing are optimised. Biodegradable oil is used in the hydraulic systems of both cranes and piling equipment. Disposal of the waste oil and filters is in accordance with the Special/Hazardous waste 1996 SI 972/2005 SI 894 regulations and are carried out by our approved supplier.

At BPH Equipment we believe that sustainability is a collective responsibility. We work together with our customers, suppliers and those communities in which we work to ensure that sustainability initiatives are embedded in everything we do.

sustainability initiatives